HAM radio station JA3AOP was licensed in 1958.

Freq; 7MHz Mode; A3 Power; 10W Home brewed transmiter and reciever

・・・・・・・・・・・after long long QRT・・・・・・・

In Feb.1997 came back to Ham Radio activity as JM3MPF
In May 1997, revived as original callsign JA3AOP.

JA3AOP has two radio site, one is the moble station
based on my HOME(JCC=2701, Kobe-city).
Another is the fixed station located in AWAJI-city(JCC=2727).
This is Island's station IOTA AS-117 (Awaji island)

アマチュア無線局 JA3AOP は1958年に予備免許を経て開局しました。
周波数 : 7Mhz, モード : A3, 電力 : 10W ,  送信機 受信機 : 自作
免許人 : 杉山 曉

・・・・・なが〜い間、 閉局していました・・・・・・

1997年2月 JM3MPFで開局しました


JA3AOP 1958

View to NNE - E from the tower

Antennae & radio-shack were built in Awaji Is.(spring 2006)

JA3AOP 2007